, Rifle – Carbine

Rifle – Carbine training

A Carbine Is A Long-Barrelled Firearm Whose Barrel Is Shorter Than That Of A Standard Rifle Or Musket. Most Carbines Are Shortened Versions Of Full-Length Rifles, Shooting The Same Type Of Ammunition, While Others Fire Generally Lower-Powered Ammunition, Including Types Designed For Pistols.
UCP Group Tactical Carbine Training is the most intense and knowledgeable courses you can join. Full of life learning skills that we instil in your memory for you to retain until the refresher courses come around. Our British and American Instructors are passionate about the teaching of their specialist remit, hence you will get more than your expectations fulfilled

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Level 1
Basic Rifle/Carbine Safety online

Carbine Live Shooting

Level 2
Basic Carbine Live Shooting

, Rifle – Carbine

Level 3
Tactical Carbine Live Shooting

, Rifle – Carbine

Level 3
Weapons Proficiency For PSD (Private Security Detail)

, Rifle – Carbine

Private Military Contractors (PMCs)

, Rifle – Carbine

Level 4
Dynamic Carbine Live Shooting

Advanced Tactical Carbine Training

Level 5
Advanced Tactical Carbine Live Shooting

, Rifle – Carbine

Level 6
Advanced Dynamic Carbine Live Shooting