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Online Close Protection Operative Course
Learning Hour: 12 Hrs
Level: 3
Session: 14

Course code: UCP/CPO/2052A

Credit Value: 1
Awarded By: UCP GROUP

Course Overview

The purpose of Close Protection is to create an environment wherein the Principal can live their life in as normal a way as possible…


ONLINE LEVEL 3 AWARD IN Close Protection Operative Course




Unit 1: Working as a Close Protection Operative

1. Roles and Responsibilities
2. Surveillance Awareness
3. Law and Legislation
4. Interpersonal Skills
5. Reconnaissance
6. Search Techniques and Procedures

Unit 2: Planning, Preparing and Supporting a Close Protection Operation

1. Threat Assessment and Risk Management
2. Operational Planning
3. Foot Drills
4. Planning and Selecting Routes
5. Vehicle Movement Tactics and Operations
6. Venue Security Operations
7. I.E.D. Awareness

Unit 3 : Conflict Management within the Private Security Industry

Session 1. Principles of Conflict Management
Session 2. Recognize and Reduce Conflict Situations
Session 3. De-escalate Conflict
Session 4. Conflict Management
Session 5. Good practices

Quiz Exam Unit 1: Working as a Close Protection Operative
Quiz Exam Unit 1 & 2: CPO
Quiz Exam Unit 3 : Conflict Management