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Mainly designed for military personnel but now brought into the private security world especially for the psc sector. Designed by the british in ww11 and now enhanced by many real-life scenarios making this course for everyone. Anyone wishing to enter the medium to high-risk industry of close protection armed sector then this is a must. In fact, anyone that wishes to survive any sort of threat this world offers. Anyone who is concerned about keeping themselves and their loved ones safe when equipment malfunctions, weather turns, injuries happen, vehicles break down, batteries die, or a multitude of other issues come up.

The 4-day ucp course also gives the learner the minimum requirements to apply for overseas high-risk jobs such as middle east, africa and south america.

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Welcome to the UCP Group that specialises in Hostile Environment Training courses for Security Contractors and NGO’s and all foreign workers working in high-risk regions of the world.

NGOs safety Programs delivered by UCP Group save lives.

Our 5-day fully comprehensive Hostile Environment Awareness Training Programs are designed to equip individuals working in challenging environments such as NGOs with the essential skills to navigate and manage hostile situations effectively.

Tailored Training for Your Team:

The two primary approaches to equipping individuals with essential training are hostile environment training and location-specific training courses. These training methods differ in focus, with varying degrees of applicability.

Whether you’re sending a small team or a large group, our program is customizable for your organization’s unique needs. From foundations to corporations, we tailor the content to match the destinations and potential risks your staff and/or may encounter.

Why Hostile Awareness Matters:

In an era where global work often involves travel to less stable regions, being aware and prepared is crucial. Our course is particularly beneficial for more vulnerable staff traveling alone, providing them with the confidence and tools needed to navigate unfamiliar territories.

Expert Instructors with Real-world Experience:

Our international master instructors bring a wealth of experience, having lived, or worked in hostile environments. Their passion for instructing and protecting goes beyond a job – it’s a commitment to enhancing the safety and well-being of individuals in challenging situations.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our program covers a spectrum of topics, including conflict management through live scenarios, tactical medical essentials, risk assessment, handling active shooter situations, dealing with kidnapping threats, and more. We address cultural nuances, political landscapes, and religious considerations, providing practical recommendations tailored to each destination.

Flexible Learning Options:

Recognizing the constraints of busy schedules, we offer flexibility. Whether you prefer on-site training or need a more time-efficient solution, our courses can be delivered online as self-paced or instructor-led sessions. Hybrid options are also available for those balancing work commitments.

Safety First, Always:

At American Bodyguard Academy and UCP Group UK, safety is our top priority. Our training goes beyond theoretical knowledge, providing actionable skills that can make a difference in real-life situations.

Prepare your team for the challenges of working in unpredictable environments. Contact us at [email protected]  to discuss a customized Hostile Awareness program that aligns with your organization’s goals and safeguards your staff during their journeys.

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UCP NGOs & Cooperates Hostile Awareness Program


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