Certificate in community rehabilitation

Certificate in community rehabilitation


The knowledge and skills covered in this qualification are aimed at Responsible Officers working at the current Probation Services Officer (PSO) grade. Responsible Officers may be employed by CRCs or by partner organisations. The knowledge unit, the emphasis on strong and engaging relationships and the enhanced nature of risk-informed practice represent the up-skilling of this group of staff and are positioned at Level 4. The remainder of the units are at Level 3. It is important to understand that qualification levels do not equate to pay bands in the sector. The qualification does not include optional specialist units although there are signposts to the learning and skills required by those working with specific groups, for example young offenders.

Course Information

The main objective of this qualification is to address the skills requirements and core tasks

required of a flexible and dynamic workforce involved in transforming rehabilitation.

Transforming rehabilitation is a reform programme which is changing the way offenders are

managed in the community. The programme aims to bring down reoffending rates while

continuing to protect the public. This is changing the way rehabilitation services are

provided and is reflected in a range of different operating models, including the formation of

Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs). The SFJ Awards Level 4 Certificate in

Community Rehabilitation addresses associated developments in practice relating to:

  • developing strong and engaging relationships to motivate crime-free lives
  • assessing, communicating and managing fluctuations in risk
  • work that is based in communities and neighbourhoods and alongside partners

Minimum Required Kit List

Laptop with Microsoft word and power point

What’s included:

What is not included:

Course Dates

1st of  every month

Course Length

TQT 200 HRS – 139 GLH

Course Cost



This qualification can be assessed by a portfolio of evidence


Certificate in community rehabilitation

Skill Prerequisites

  • 18 Years +
  • Level 1 English Language
*All prerequisite awards should not be expired
so please check the expiry date before applying
*All Candidates should have a reasonable level
of personal fitness


  • Understanding rehabilitation in the community
  • Engage individuals in their rehabilitation journey
  • Provide continuity of services for individuals from custody into the community
  • Assess and manage risk of harm
  • Work with partners to promote community rehabilitation