UCP eLearning 250 hours Level 3 CTR (Close Target reconnaissance)

CTR (Close Target Reconnaissance) 


Anyone wishing to enhance their Surveillance skills and keep them sharp, anyone wishing to get into the remit of security and investigations

The UCP 250 hours course also gives the learner the minimum requirements to step into the surveillance industry and be confident taking on surveillance contracts and tasks.

Course Information

250 hours of intense training for Surveillance covering all aspects from theory to practical in the skills of close target reconnaissance within the surveillance industry.

Anyone wishing to enter the surveillance and investigation industry, or close protection would seriously need to take this type of training. This qualification is designed for those learners wishing to apply for a job in the private security industry.

Minimum Required Kit List

  • Laptop with Microsoft word and power point,
  • USB memory stick with 10 GB max
  • Pencil and pen, eraser

Course Dates


Course Length

250 hours

Course Cost



Internally set and internally assessed Practical Tasks


Award in CPD for Security, investigation, and Surveillance (close target reconnaissance)

Skill Prerequisites None


Rural OP Overview

  • Operational Planning & Risk Management
  • Basic Photography
  • Threat and risk analysis
  • Triggering the target
  • Tactical movement to the OP (route selection)
  • Communications
  • Seen but not noticed
  • Kit & Equipment needed for sustained rural deployments
  • Voice Procedure & Reporting (keeping an OP log)
  • Strategic covert insertion & extraction into the target area
  • Rural OP (hide construction) in and out selections
  • Camouflage & Concealment
  • Operation from a Rural OP
  • Basic Photography
  • Threat and risk analysis
  • Triggering the target
  • Communications
  • Seen but not noticed
  • Actions on Compromise