UCP eLearning 30 hours Level 2 • Infection & Diseases


Infectious Disease Online Course Quick Facts

  • This course is delivered fully online. It is always accessible any time of day or night via any computer or Smartphone
  • Course modules are instructor-led allowing for critical student interaction
  • Study at your own pace from home or at work
  • Course material is easily downloadable in print or file format
  • Successful participants will be awarded a certificate of completion

Infection Control Online Course Benefits

The online infection control certification course provides a learning opportunity for health professionals in a variety of disciplines. The infectious disease control certificate available through this course will enhance your professional standing as knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated. The course will:

  • Improve your professional marketability
  • Develop your existing skills and competencies
  • Help in meeting any continuing education requirements

Infection Control Online Course Delivery

A welcome email will be automatically sent to you upon enrollment. The email will detail how to access your online course. In the event that the email is not received, please check your spam/junk folder. The course content is always available from any computer or smart device that has internet access. New infectious disease courses online start each month. To ensure that we have the right student/tutor, please ensure you select a starting date when you go through the purchase process. The infection control certificate online course is straightforward and easy to understand.

Recognition & Accreditation

All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion with a passing score (for the online assessment) and will be issued a certificate via email.

Course Information

Understand Infectiology with Infection Control Certification Online

Getting your infection control certification online is an effective way to gain critical insights into infectious diseases (infectiology). All health professionals must be aware of the risks of infectious diseases. More than a quarter of all deaths are caused by infectious diseases. Perhaps more worrying still is that millions of people suffer seriously because of infectious disease. While the short-term effects can be dire, many suffer long term ailments as a result of infectious disease.

This infectious disease certificate course provides course participants with valuable insight into the identification and control of infectious disease. The infectious disease certificate online course commences with an introduction to the fundamental techniques and procedures for the prevention of the transmission of infectious diseases.

The course then moves on to look at some of the more widespread and hazardous infectious diseases. This section will cover everything from influenza and hepatitis right through to animal and tick-borne diseases.

Our infectious disease course closes with a thorough analysis of global emerging infectious diseases (EIDs). The developing world is struggling to cope with these EIDs. The impacts are felt in whole communities as well as at an individual and family level.

Once you’ve completed this infectious disease online training, you will have the knowledge and confidence to apply the procedures necessary to contain infectious diseases.

Minimum Required Kit List

  • Laptop with Microsoft word and power point,
  • USB memory stick with 10 GB max
  • Pencil and pen, eraser

Course Dates


Course Length

30 hours

Course Cost



Internally set and internally assessed Practical Tasks


UCP eLearning 30 hours Level 2 • Infection & Diseases

Skill Prerequisites None


  • The Infectious Diseases and Infection Control certificate program consists of a total of 9 courses:
  • Infection Control Basics
  • Influenza: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention
  • Pneumonia in Adults and Children
  • Tuberculosis
  • The ABCs of Hepatitis
  • HIV/AIDS Education for Healthcare Professionals
  • Zoonoses: Can Your Pet Make You Sick?
  • Tickborne Diseases
  • Emerging Global Infectious Diseases