UCP eLearning 80 hours Level 1 • Basic Arabic for hostile Environment

Basic Arabic for hostile Environment


UCP’s Basic Arabic for Hostile Environment close protection officers is a conversational course that will introduce students to the basics of Arabic language and culture, with highlights of the Shami and Darija dialects. The course focuses on both the communicative competencies and the linguistic functional ability needed for social and academic demands, and to facilitate integration in the host cultures. Course content ranges from basic vocabulary and sentence structure to basic dialogue. It features films, songs, guest speakers, role plays, and games. We invite heritage speakers, students who spent/will spend time in the Arab world and others interested in Arabic language and culture

This course is designed to meet the basic of communication and negotiation standards for security contractors (PSC)

This course will help you be a better communicator and negotiator. Unlike many negotiation courses, we develop a framework for analysing and shaping negotiations. This framework will allow you to make principled arguments that persuade others. It will allow you to see beneath the surface of apparent conflicts to uncover the underlying interests. You will leave the course better able to predict, interpret, and shape the behaviour of those you face in competitive situations.

Course Information

Learning the basic elements of the Arabic language and culture of in Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine (Shami/Levantine Arabic); developing listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural proficiencies of the spoken language of this region, memorizing basic survival and communication language skills, learning how to write and read the Arabic alphabet in Modern standard Arabic; Introducing aspects of daily life, society and culture of these three countries. Open to students who have no prior exposure to Arabic language instruction before coming to Duke, and to students who are interested in doing civic engagement or study abroad in the Arabic speaking world.

Minimum Required Kit List

  • Laptop with Microsoft word and power point,
  • USB memory stick with 10 GB max
  • Pencil and pen, eraser

Course Dates


Course Length

80 hours

Course Cost



Internally set and internally assessed Practical Tasks


Level 2 •Basic Arabic for hostile Environment

Skill Prerequisites None