Level 6 Advanced Dynamic Carbine Live Shooting

Advanced Dynamic Carbine Live Firearms Training


The course is designed for any private security operative, individual or groups, military or non-military to gain their weapons proficiency which is now a pre-requisite for many or most security contracting companies working within the armed security sector.


Main target of this course is to upgrade and develop knowledge and skills in the area of using the m4 or ak weapons system. Course contains 100% of the tactical training on the shooting range. There is a separate exercise with use of fx simunition. Final course drills focus on tactical shooting to identify and eliminate enemies.

Minimum Required Kit List

  • Tactical Belt
  • Tactical/Outdoor Boots
  • Clothing Appropriate For Climate And Conditions
  • Shooting Glasses (Ballistic)
  • Shooting Ear Protection (Ear Defenders)


  • instructor
  • Training equipment
  • Exams
  • Awards
  • Classroom
  • Range (where applicable)
  • Ammo (where applicable)


  • Accommodation (where applicable)
  • Food and beverages
  • Flights (where applicable)
  • Airport Transfers (where applicable)
  • Safety Glasses (where applicable)
  • Ear Defenders (where applicable)

Course Length

3 Day

Course Cost



USA, UK, Lebanon and Thailand


Course Dates

Any time of the month


UCP Level 6 Weapons Competency For Advanced Dynamic Carbine Live Firearms 5.56/7.62mm


  • This Course Will Be Assessed By The Range Officer And Firearms Instructor For Safety (NSP’s), Range Protocol, Manners, Emergency Actions, Accuracy And Speed. 
  • It Will Be Assessed By 80% Practical And 20% Theory Examination

Skill Prerequisites

  • Basic Rifle/Carbine Safety Online
  • Basic Carbine 
  • Tactical Carbine 
  • Dynamic Carbine 
  • Advanced Tactical Carbine 

*All prerequisite awards should not be expired
so please check the expiry date before applying
*All Candidates should have a reasonable level
of personal fitness


  • Carbine Manipulation
  • Firearms Safety And Safe Gun-Handling Skills.
  • Principals Of Personal Defense.
  • Rapid Deployment Methodology And Concepts.
  • Conditioning Mental Focus And Combat Mindset.
  • Enhanced Tactical Aptitude.
  • Review Fundamentals Of Shooting A Rifle.
  • The Natural Action Stance.
  • Methodology Of Combat Shooting The Rifle.
  • Transport Mode Carry Mode And Press Checking The Rifle.
  • Review Use Of Tactical Sling Systems.
  • Enhanced Combat Gun-Handling Skills.
  • Presentation From Low Ready, High Ready, Indoor Ready & SUL.
  • Weapon Manipulation In Dynamic Tactical Situations
  • Alternate Shooting Positions
  • Shooting From Several Positions And With Use Of Cover
  • Under Stress Shooting Drills
  • Primary – Secondary Weapon Transition
  • Shooting In Teams (Depends On The Group Skill Level)
  • Shooting Scenarios
  • Force On Force Drills With FX Ammunition
  • Refining Presentation Technique.
  • Mastering Roll Thru The Link Trigger Press And Reset.
  • Balancing Speed And Accuracy.
  • Enhanced Tactical Speed Shooting Concepts.
  • Reducing Stimulus / Response Time.
  • Moving Off The Line Of Force And Lateral Displacement Drills.
  • Threat Assessment And Area Scanning.
  • Engaging Threats While Advancing And Withdrawing.
  • Engaging Threats From Static Turns And Pivots.
  • Engaging Threats While Negotiating Obstacles.
  • Dominating The Weapon, Threat And Visual Areas.
  • Ammunition Management And Reloading Techniques.
  • Transition To Secondary Weapon System.
  • Malfunction Clearance Drills.
  • Multiple Threat Engagement Strategies.
  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Techniques.
  • Drugged Assailant And Body Armor Defeating Drills.
  • Mastering Sight Gear 2 – The Flash Sight Picture.
  • Engaging Threats From Support Side From Behind Cover.
  • Dynamic Position Transition While Engaging Threats From Various Barricade Windows.
  • Weapon Retention And Disparity Of Force Issues.
  • Deployment From Vehicles.
  • Man Vs. Man Stress Drill Shoot-Offs.
  • Up / Down Drills.
  • Timed Individual Scrambler Course.
  • Timed Combat Rifle Qualification Course With Certified Marksmanship Rating.