3 Days Level 3 Combined Firearms Proficiency


Most CPO’s looking to go into Hostile Environment tasking will now be required to demonstrate you are safe and competent before any contracting company or government will issue you with a firearm. Also, the Police in various counties or States may ask for a certificate of competency with firearms before issuing you a license or renewing one.

We have seen many individuals turn up on site in Iraq for example, with a poor knowledge and competency of the weapons systems used in today’s missions. It is because of this we are now issuing this specialised course and award just for the PSD remit.

This Firearms Competency/Proficiency Course and certificate are recognised by a number of organisations including Police forces around the world..

We have put a level 3 skill level on this course guided by the hours and difficulty.

You will be required to gain a pass of 80% before we issue you with an award.

The course combines a training room-based input with practical experience on the range with various weapon systems mainly 9mm Pistol and 5.56mm Carbine and intro to the 7.62mm Carbine. Mainly testing your Safety and accuracy whilst on the range.

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This course is designed to begin and develop skills for the student who uses carbine as a primary firearm in a tactical environment. You will practice skills that will reduce your reaction time, allow you to shoot faster with higher degree of accuracy, and increase your confidence with Carbine. Students will leave with a good understanding of shooting fundamentals and how to apply them in a tactical situation.

Minimum Required Kit List

  • Tactical Belt
  • Tactical/Outdoor boots
  • Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions
  • Shooting glasses (ballistic)
  • Shooting ear protection (ear defenders)


  • instructor
  • Training equipment
  • Exams
  • Awards
  • Classroom
  • Range (where applicable)
  • Ammo (where applicable)
  • Kitchen with microwave and Fridge


  • Accommodation (where applicable)
  • Food and beverages
  • Flights (where applicable)
  • Airport Transfers (where applicable)
  • Safety Glasses (where applicable)
  • Ear Defenders (where applicable)

Course Length

3 DAYs


Award in Level 3 in Weapons Proficiency for Pistol and Carbine

Course Cost



Los Angeles - California - USA


Course Dates

20th - 22nd Of Every Month


This Course Will Be Assessed By The Range Officer And Firearms Instructor For Safety (NSP’s), Range Protocol, Manners, Emergency Actions, Accuracy And Speed. 

It Will Be Assessed By 80% Practical And 20% Theory Examination

Skill Prerequisites

– Basic Rifle/Carbine Safety Online
– Basic Carbine 5.56/7.62mm Live Shooting


  • Gun Safety Rule
  • Range Safety Procedures
  • Fundamentals Of Rifle Shooting (Grip, Stance, Breathing, Sights Line, Trigger Action, Recoil Control, Trigger Reset)
  • Fundamentals Of Pistol Shooting (Grip, Stance, Breathing, Sights Line, Trigger Action, Recoil Control, Trigger Reset)
  • Metal Sights Vs Optical
  • Accuracy On Range Shooting 20-70 Meters
  • Low Ready Vs. High Ready Position
  • Transitions
  • Emergency Mag change
  • Tactical Mag change
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Exam
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