The International Protection Officer

Elite Celebrity Bodyguard Services for Unrivaled Protection


Anyone that works as an individual bodyguard and the skills and rills of working as an individual security protection operative or wants to either refresh their original training but with the input of ibg or wishing to enter the security industry for unarmed close protection employment.

This award is designed for those learners wishing to apply for a licence from the security industry authority (SIA) to work as a close protection operative (CPO). It is based on the relevant sia’s specification for learning and qualifications



UCP Group is the leading provider of premier celebrity bodyguard services, delivering unmatched security solutions tailored to the unique needs of high-profile individuals. Our expertly trained bodyguards are equipped with advanced skills and knowledge to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients at all times. Here’s how we set the standard for celebrity protection:

Celebrity Bodyguard Services:

Close Protection: Our bodyguards provide close protection services with precision and discretion, maintaining a vigilant presence to deter potential threats and ensure the safety of our clients.

Risk Assessment: We conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential security vulnerabilities and develop customized security plans to mitigate risks effectively.

Travel Security: Our bodyguards accompany clients during travel, both domestically and internationally, providing secure transportation and ensuring a safe environment throughout the journey.

Event Security: We offer comprehensive event security services, including venue assessments, crowd management, and access control, to ensure the safety and security of high-profile events attended by our clients.

VIP Bodyguard Training Programs:

UCP Group offers VIP bodyguard training programs designed to equip security professionals with the skills and expertise needed to excel in the field of executive protection. Our comprehensive training curriculum includes:

Weapons Training: Participants receive hands-on training in weapons handling and firearm proficiency, preparing them to effectively respond to security threats and protect their clients.

Security Drills: Our training programs incorporate realistic security drills and simulations to simulate real-life scenarios and enhance participants’ readiness to handle security challenges.

Skills Development: Participants learn essential skills such as threat assessment, risk management, and crisis response, empowering them to provide top-tier protection to VIP clients in any situation.

International 12-Day UCP Level 4 Advanced Individual VIP Bodyguard Training: This intensive training program offers advanced instruction in VIP protection techniques, tactics, and strategies, culminating in certification as a UCP Level 4 Advanced Individual VIP Bodyguard.

Enhanced Job Roles:

Our celebrity bodyguards undergo rigorous training and certification to ensure they are well-prepared to handle the unique challenges of protecting high-profile clients. They are trained to anticipate and neutralize potential threats with professionalism, discretion, and efficiency, providing unparalleled security services that exceed client expectations.

Daily Rates for Celebrity Bodyguard Services:

UCP Group offers competitive daily rates for our celebrity bodyguard services, starting from $1,000 to $3,000 or more, depending on factors such as the level of security required, the duration of the assignment, and specific client preferences. Our flexible pricing options allow clients to receive top-tier security solutions tailored to their budget and needs.

Experience Unmatched Protection:

With UCP Group, celebrities can trust that their safety and security are in capable hands. Contact us today to learn more about our celebrity bodyguard services and experience the difference of having premier protection by your side.

Executive Close Protection kit list


Dark suit (does not have to be black) black shoes, dark or neutral tie, black socks and crisp white and pastel colour shirt (double cuff preferably) discreet cuff links

Assortment of casual clothing “without” logo’s and writing on your shirts, jeans or Dockers; we don’t like bright colours partly due to the course covering surveillance and counter surveillance, bring some gym clothing as there will be hand to hand combat and fitness training.

Belt, tactical or leather. UCP centre can sell these tactical belts so please don’t worry if you find it hard to obtain.


Good walking shoes with tread (we don’t recommend you buy new shoes just before the course due to wearing in (blisters) Weather cautious clothing in case of rain or breeze (think about what will make you comfortable) keep the shoe colour in line with the suit… trainers will be needed (no radical colours).


Laptop with Microsoft word and power point, USB memory stick with 10 GB max as you will not get this returned, Camera or phone camera with leads, small and large Notebook (small for day to day log) black pen and pencil with rubber.

Repeat due to importance;

Laptop (not tablet unless you have windows, PowerPoint and word installed)

Windows or office

PowerPoint is a must for briefing and de-briefing

Notebook: pencil and pen, eraser camera/camera-phone with chargers.

  • Instructor
  • Training equipment
  • Exams
  • Awards
  • Classroom
  • Range (Where Applicable)
  • Ammo (Where Applicable)
  • Accommodation (where applicable)
  • Food and beverages
  • Flights (where applicable)
  • Airport Transfers (where applicable)
  • Safety Glasses (Where Applicable)
  • Ear Defenders (Where Applicable)

Course Length

12 Days

Course Cost



UK, USA, Thailand, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Spain, Italy and Singapore


Course Dates

Any time of the month


  • Externally set and internally assessed open response questions
  • Internally set and internally assessed practical tasks
  • Practical exercises drills and skills tutor assessment and recommendations


Working as a Bodyguard within the Private Security Industry

Skill Prerequisites

  • eLearning CPO Or Full CPO Level 3 Course.
  • For beginners if approved by instructor

*All prerequisite awards should not be expired
so please check the expiry date before applying
*All Candidates should have a reasonable level
of personal fitness


Unit 1. Working with A-list Celebrities individually and within a team.

Unit 2. Planning the daily tasks and team leader skills.

Unit 3. Covert Carry Weapons, Street Fight Defence – Physical Intervention.