2 Day CQB Basics (Close Quarter Battle)


The course is designed for any private security operative, individual or groups, military or non-military to gain their weapons proficiency which is now a pre-requisite for many or most security contracting companies working within the armed security sector.
Advanced VCQB
, 2 Day CQB Basics (Close Quarter Battle) | Middle East
, 2 Day CQB Basics (Close Quarter Battle) | Middle East
, 2 Day CQB Basics (Close Quarter Battle) | Middle East


The basic CQB course teaches the basics of Room Entry. During CQB training, UCP teaches the same standards as the UKSF CQB die to the instructors being former Special Forces, they will familiarise you with the same skills that beginners’ operators of Special Forces are taught. Emphasis will be placed on basic fundamentals and a thorough understanding of tactics to build a solid base for more advanced training. You will finish this course with a solid understanding of CQB rules and principles with teamwork and leadership.. Close Quarters Battle (CQB) – is designed for units assigned to direct action/ precision raid missions who have completed a Direct-Action Pre-Shoot Course. It presents multiple Tactics, Techniques and Procedures and allows the unit time and situations to develop Standard Operating Procedures. Situational Training Exercises are designed to test and refine those SOP’s

Who is this qualifications for?

This 2-day course is intended for active law enforcement employees (Police, Border Guards, Army) as well as for private military operators and people who would like to know the methods and operation of assault teams

Minimum Required Kit List

  • Tactical Belt
  • Tactical/Outdoor boots
  • Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions
  • Shooting glasses (ballistic)
  • Shooting ear protection (ear defenders)


  • instructor
  • Training equipment
  • Exams
  • Awards
  • Classroom
  • Range (where applicable)
  • Ammo (where applicable)
  • Kitchen with microwave and Fridge


  • Accommodation (where applicable)
  • Food and beverages
  • Flights (where applicable)
  • Airport Transfers (where applicable)
  • Safety Glasses (where applicable)
  • Ear Defenders (where applicable)

Course Length

2 days


Award in 2 Day CQB Basics (Close Quarter Battle)

Course Cost



Lebanon (Beirut)


Course Dates

27th - 28thOf Every Month


This course will be assessed by the range officer and firearms instructor for safety (NSP’s), range protocol, manners, emergency actions, accuracy and speed. 

It will be assessed by 80% practical and 20% theory examination

A portfolio of training will be complimented by your award presented to you for your proof of participation which you will take with you as proof of your learning

Skill Prerequisites

IOF Level 1 online Firearms (Rifle/Carbine)
UCP Level 2 Basic Firearms (Rifle/Carbine)
UCP Level 3 Basic Tactical Firearms (Rifle/carbine) to have been completed within the last 12 months


  • Refresh Gun Safety Rules and Range Safety Procedures
  • One Man Room Clearing Procedures
  • Angles
  • Muzzle Awareness
  • Trigger Discipline
  • Exam