7 Day Close Quarter Battle (CQB) + IOF Level 3 Combined Live Shooting “Weapons Proficiency”

7 Day Close Quarter Battle (CQB) + IOF Level 3 Combined Live Shooting


Based on SWAT tactics and UK SAS drills and skills for building entry and room clearance including breaching including ground battle in urban environments.

This course was designed by our former military and private military contractors to introduce mainly former military into the world of the private security contractor. Based on the standards and workings of private contracting companies such as Guardaworld and Constellis and Blue Hackle and Aegis.  Open to anyone wishing to enter the high-risk industry of close protection armed sector.

The 7-day UCP course also gives the learner the minimum requirements to apply for overseas high-risk jobs such as Middle East, Africa, and South America.

Close Quarter Battle (CQB)


7 days of intense training for government agents and any learners that wish to learn the most up-to-date teachings of CQB. covering all aspects from theory to practical with a multiple-choice exam and Practical exercise to pass the training course.

Based on the UKSF 3 principles of CQB surprise, speed and violence of action including brand new teachings.

UCP develop scenarios whereby the learner will have the chance to become both defender and attacker, Attackers try a very fast, violent takeover of a vehicle or structure controlled by the defenders, who usually have no easy way to withdraw. Because enemies, hostages/civilians, and fellow operators can be closely intermingled, close-quarters combat demands a rapid assault and a precise application of lethal force. The operators need great proficiency with their weapons, and the ability to make split-second decisions to minimize accidental casualties.

 The CQB course will guide learners through the military to private transition process entering the employment and interviews with the recruitment companies to gain work in the natural environment already trained and experienced and easy to transition into. Of course, it’s easier of you are former military but not always essential as there are many non-former militaries working in hostile environments.

 So, anyone wishing to enter the high-risk industry of armed close protection would seriously need to take this type of training (former military or not) This qualification is designed for those learners wishing to apply for a job in the private security contractor or overseas high-risk industry. The 7-day UCP course also gives the learner the minimum requirements to apply for overseas high-risk jobs such as Middle East, Africa, and South America.

You will be put through your paces from our highly experienced tutors, so prepare to train hard every single day. We finish the course with 2 days of final exercises including hostage rescue and protecting clients that you will possibly come across in your future career, so this course really prepares you for high risk bodyguarding and for armed Private Security Contractors looking to work overseas in places like Iraq and Libya for example.

Minimum Required Kit List


  • Casual Jeans or Dockers; gym clothing
  • Laptop with Microsoft word and power point,
  • USB memory stick with 10 GB max
  • Pencil and pen, eraser
  • Tactical Belt
  • Tactical Boots
  • Tactical Pants and shirt
  • Holster for Glock 17/19
  • Ear defenders
  • Knee pads
  • Chest rig
  • Ballistic glasses


  • instructor
  • Training equipment
  • Exams
  • Awards
  • Classroom
  • Range (where applicable)
  • Ammo (where applicable)


  • Accommodation (where applicable)
  • Food and beverages
  • Flights (where applicable)
  • Airport Transfers (where applicable)
  • Safety Glasses (where applicable)
  • Ear Defenders (where applicable)

Course Length


Course Cost



UK, Thailand, Italy, Lebanon, USA, Spain, Sri Lanka, Singapore, New Zealand and Iraq


Level 4 Award for CQB (Close Quarter Battle)
Level 3 IOF weapons proficiency award


Course Dates

22nd of every month


Internally Set And Internally Assessed Practical Tasks

Skill Prerequisites

Level 1 Weapons Safety Online

*All prerequisite awards should not be expired
so please check the expiry date before applying
*All Candidates should have a reasonable level
of personal fitness


  • IOF Level 3 weapons Proficiency Live firearms, which meet the ISO 28007 requirements for both Armed Security in Close Protection and Maritime Anti-Piracy Roles.
  • Two, three and four-man room clearances
  • 3 scenarios (surprise, night-time and violent)
  • Fatal funnel – doorways and hallways
  • Areas of responsibility -muzzle awareness
  • Points of domination and POA
  • Sectors of fire
  • Communications
  • Move and shoot and shoot whilst moving
  • Target discrimination – quick decision
  • Hallway clearances
  • Stairwells – the art of
  • Deliberate and rolling assaults
  • Simunition force on force – scenarios