Online/ Teaching & Training

UCP level 3 Teaching & Training
Learning Hour:
Level: 3
Session: 12

Course code: UCP/T/2095A

Credit Value:
Awarded By: UCP GROUP


Module 1. Understand the Principles of Teaching and Training Methods
Module 2. Principles of Planning in Teaching and Training
Module 3. Evaluation of Teaching and Training Sessions
Module 4. Understand the Principles and Requirements of Assessment
Module 5. Understand How to Plan Assessment
Module 6. Understand How to Make Assessment Decision
Module 7. Understand Quality Assurance of the Assessment Process
Module 8 Methods of Teaching or Training Delivery to Ensure Learning
Module 9. Be Able to Evaluate the Delivery of Teaching and Training Sessions
Module 10 Be Able to Prepare the Assessment of the Outcome of Teaching and Training Sessions
Module 11. Be Able to Carry Out the Assessment of Skills, Knowledge, and Achievement
Module 12. Maintain Legal and Good Practice Requirements when Assessing Skills, Knowledge, and Understanding